Winter 2019
Vol. 8 No. 1

it means: she/her, but
in this wild land it connotes:

crawling out of knotted linearity into liminal
spaces between belonging / forsaken
— Isabel Yang, "她 (tā)"

Shelby Carleton ties her shoes differently than the other girls.
James Cawkwell sees the walls look different in this light.
Laura McLean wonders if the same advice applies.
Makda Mulatu finds quiet revelation at the bottom of a cup.
Isabel Yang examines connotations in a wild land.

Other writers featured in this issue include James Collier, Scott Jackshaw, Emma Jackson, Megan Paranich, and Mackenzie Wiebe.

Plus, an excerpt from Bruce Cinnamon’s first novel, The Melting Queen (NeWest Press, 2019). And Jason Purcell interviews Canisia Lubrin, who talks language and writing toward care.

Cover illustration and story illustrations by Mia Ohki.