Winter 2017
Vol. 6 No. 1

The manager is an eye-patched Russian
who traffics drugs, car parts,
and tiny fake swords on the side.
He’s wearing roller blades—
or am I?
— Mackenzie Wiebe, "Rapid Eye Movement"

Scott Jackshaw remembers the white noise of construction.
Sadia Masud notes the pearlescent moon's warning.
Colby Clair Stolson leans on his sister a little too heavily.
Hannah Schmakeit asks again how it all began.
Mackenzie Wiebe is fine art or a drainage pipe.

Other writers featured in this issue include Mikayla Bortscher, Harshbir Singh Kang, Ariel Kroon, Austen Lee, Danielle Lorenz, Kristen Morin, Megan Paranich, Desirée Tomkow, and Janice Vis.

Plus, Jason Purcell interviews Zoe Whittall, who shares her thoughts on #UBCaccountable, rape culture & writing for TV.

Hannah Schmakeit's story, "Superman and Pocahontas," was nominated in the Fiction category and Sadia Masud's essay "Taken Over by the West," was nominated in the Essay category at the 2018 Alberta Magazine Awards.

Cover illustration and story illustrations by Erin Greenough.