Winter 2016
Vol. 5 No. 1

When a cougar cries it sounds almost exactly like a woman screaming: a high-pitched shriek with enough power to produce a haunting echo.
— Austen Lee, "Among Cougars and Men"

Kevin Holowack is here guiltily.
Austen Lee thought she heard a woman shrieking.
Pearl Lorentzen rewinds through the pregnant pause.
Desireé Tomkow always trades life for life.

Other writers featured in this issue include Kyler Chittick, Gavin Doyle, Stephen Gust, Megan Paranich, Kennedy Quigley, and Deborah Faith Ramkhelawan.

Alumni Spotlight on:
Todd Babiak
shares how he made his Grade 6 teacher cry and writing tips.

Cover illustration and story illustrations by Emily Chu.