Winter 2015
Vol. 4 No. 1

The first time I met Larry he had a .22 rifle in his hands and he offered to buy my Buick.
— Matt Tétreault, "The Life of Larry Lechene"

Erin Carter just needs to talk to you.
Kristina L. Drozdiak test drives vehicles for Edmonton
Stephen Gust traces the flow of blue blood.
Kristen Morin knows we walk on corpses.
Matt Tétreault will tell you about Larry.

Other writers featured in this issue include Katherine Abbass, Christina Bates, Levi F. Binnema, Gavin Bradley, Charlotte Cranston, Josh Greschner, Stephen Gust, Jessica Hook, Austen Lee, Chris Linden, John MacDonald, Kristen Morin, and Miya Villarena.

Alumni Spotlight on:
Caitlin Crawshaw shares insights from her successful freelance career.

Cover illustration and story illustrations by Jac Tran.