Winter 2014
Vol. 3 No. 1

I can even read the glow of an orgasm—it’s as if Tickle Me Pink and Sunset Orange were twisted together, and it shines on your skin like a generous coating of shea butter.
— Sydney Budgeon, "The Pathetic Fallacy"

Keisha Armand accepts a date with time.
Levi F. Binnema records the hour of Opa's death.
Savannah Essington abandons dichotomies.
Liam Kay knows he is not a magpie.
Peter Takach lends Dickens his cellphone.

Other writers featured in this issue include Sydney Budgeon, Mélodie Champagne, Bruce Cinnamon, Karla Comanda, Mark Coughlan, Richard Hannay, and Nicole Weitzel.

Alumni Spotlight on:
Thomas Trofimuk, author of Waiting for Columbus, shares writing advice and an excerpt from a future project.

Peter Takach's essay, "A Tale of Two Forms," won Gold in the Emerging Writer category and Liam Kay's poem, "What do I know?," was nominated in the Poetry category at the 2015 Alberta Magazine Awards.