Summer 2019
Vol. 8 No. 2

Shudder comes to—crest. An awful, burgeon. Whole form invested in slaughter.
Dashed—rhythmic—one slight of hand to the face—these feeble gnawings are
notoriously limp—suffering of melted birthday candles—
— Rachel Lallouz, night terror no. 7

Ariyanna Callihoo gathers the rocks and watches the fire.
Jake Cardinal tries to ignore the snake pit beneath him.
Adriana Oniţă forgets this whole stanza should be in Romanian.

Other writers featured in this issue include Laurel Andersen, Mariam Farooq, Rosalind Fleischer-Brown, Maya Gupta, Sydney Henderson, Alexa Hrycun, Elise Hyrak, Scott Jackshaw, Rachel Lallouz, Makda Mulatu, Jude Robillard, Elisabeth Shenher, Julia Sorensen, Mackenzie Wiebe, Kate Wilson, Morgan Wilson, and Blair Palmer Yoxall.

Cover and feature story illustrations by Elijah Cardinal-Whitford. Plus illustrations by Erin Greenough and Eric Lafrenière, and photography by Liam Mackenzie and Zach Polis.