Summer 2018
Vol. 7 No. 2

If I’m not drunk, I’m warning you about stories, that even the wildest of them has a truth behind it, seen through fog or scripture, that people make up the root of them, that these people believe the stories they tell, but that these are stories, that some of them you won’t believe, that others you’ll see as fog or scripture, and nothing more.
— Scott Jackshaw, "Threshold"

Paige Cardinal wonders how she can exist as more than one thing.
Katherine P. Hopkins keeps her property as she wants to.
K.C. Toews just wants a better view.
Jumoke Verissimo watches the moon's full circle become sickle.
Hannah Wiens holds her breath, an ice cube in the palm of her hand.

Other writers featured in this issue include Alex Allen, Laurel Andersen, Asha Chiraghdin, Gavin Doyle, Brittney Hubley, Scott Jackshaw, Emma Jackson, Brontë Jones,  Austen Lee, Makda Mulatu, and Sofia Parrila.

Scott Jackshaw's essay, "Threshold," won Silver in the Emerging Writer category, Gavin Doyle’s essay, “Leader of the Pack”, was nominated in the Emerging Writer category, Katherine P. Hopkin's essay, "Curb Appeal," was nominated in the Essay category, Alex Allen’s poem, “devour,” was nominated in the Poetry category, and Austen Lee’s story, “Stinging Nettle,” was nominated in the Fiction category at the 2019 Alberta Magazine Awards.

Cover illustration by Emily Chu.