Summer 2016
Vol. 5 No. 2

we need to talk about:

our fragility:
i want to tell you how the sun illuminates your ear
baring branched red vessels thin as a rose’s
— Maya Gupta, "wide open"

Natalie Hervieux spits off the City Centre parkade.
Stefan Makowski learns the origin of his name.
Rachael Phillips is two degrees away from Marlon Brando.
Julia Seymour, à dix ans, écoute tranquillement.
Leela Wright amasses the numbers

Other writers featured in this issue include Lisa Bojanowski, Sherilyn Brady Cook, Paige Chandler Cardinal, Erin Carter, Chris Cassis, Kyler Chittick, Maya Gupta, Kevin Holowack, Kevin Kvas, and j. winters & m borschter.