Summer 2014
Vol. 3 No. 2

Our lives are stories about stories.
— Carolyn Gibbins, "True Adventures in Cult Fandom"

Fatima Fayad has weak, shaking wrists.
Rich Larson senses the knife against his leg.
Brittney Marshall dips her toes into the oil sands.
Courtney Ross believes boys deserve this little bit of happiness.
Tasleem Sahib watches the cycle repeat.

Other writers featured in this issue include Sydney Budgeon, Bruce Cinnamon, Carolyn Gibbins, Claire Hoffman, Erika Luckert, Kiera Prasad, and Michelle Zupet.

This special issue contains award-winning writing from the University of Alberta's Salter Tea.

Bruce Cinnamon's short story, "Pearl," won Gold in Fiction, Erika Luckert's poem, "Frog Lake," won Silver in Poetry, and Fatima Fayad's poem, "Mink," was nominated in Poetry at the 2015 Alberta Magazine Awards. Erika Luckert's poem, "Frog Lake," was also nominated for a National Magazine Award.