Joseph Siracky

Since the very first issue, Joseph Siracky has been putting the digital ink to the digital paper to turn a bunch of text into the real-life magazine you know as Glass Buffalo. In the early days when the magazine was but a shrivelled seed in the heads of a few creative-writing students, Joseph became a designer by default when it was discovered that he owned (yes, actually owned) a copy of Photoshop. He has since added some fairly respectable skills in InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop to his bag of design tricks and even managed to win a few logo contests and build a small freelance client base along the way.

When not designing things for little to no money, he can still be found studying in various nooks and crannies around the University of Alberta (working on his Master’s this time around) or making detailed plans to drop out of school and move into a van. Joseph will happily do design work for you, if that’s something you're into, and currently accepts payment in cash, beer, or Mr. Noodles (depending on the project). 

Contact him at or follow @JosephSiracky on Instagram or Twitter