Fall 2018
Vol. 7 No. 3

Half of us saw the story about refusing to let go, the other half about insisting to hold on.
— Jason Lee Norman, "Whale Summer"

M.C. Danzinger writes with the energy of a root.
Emma Jackson doesn’t want to talk about her bad choices.
Jordan Mounteer ponders our philosophy of trees.
Jason Lee Norman wishes he could breathe underwater.
Holly Riehl hosts an art exhibit on her skin.

Other writers featured in this issue include Alex Allen, Kate Black, Shelby Carleton, James Collier, Jean-Pierre Forget, Benjamin Hertwig, Lana Kouchnir, Erika Luckert, Zara Neukom, Megan Paranich, Jason Purcell, Erica Queiroz, Julia Sorensen, and Peter Takach.

Plus, the winners of our Short Fiction and Poetry prizes. And Jason Purcell interviews Erin Wunker, who talks risk & imposter syndrome.

Jordan Mounteer's poem, "Ponderosa Pine (Pinus ponderosa)," won Gold in the Poetry category and Jean-Pierre Forget’s story, "A Green Lawn" was nominated in the Fiction category at the 2019 Alberta Magazine Awards.

Cover illustration and story illustrations by Michelle Campos Castillo.