Fall 2016
Vol. 5 No. 3

i want you to admit that discomposure sets the abhorrence
i want you to admit that there is such a thing as violence
i want you to admit that violence sets the system
— Kevin Holowack, "jon stewart and bill o'reilly discuss white privilege & a list of synonyms for fear"

Kate Black realizes her mortality is fickle.
Mursal Khedri travels between two homes.
Ariel Kroon was told not to touch.
Shawn Ohler is not from the American southeast.
Floyd Robert-Maduekwe never tells finish.

Other writers featured in this issue include Katherine Abbass, Sarah-Jeanne Bélec, Gavin Doyle, Clea Glasenapp, Stephen Gust, Claire Kelly, Rachael Phillips, Ann Josée Thibeault Gianmarco Visconti, and Nicola Winstanley.

Plus, the winners of our Short Fiction, English Poetry, and French Poetry prizes. And Jason Purcell interviews Vivek Shraya, who discusses writing and race in Canada.

Shawn Ohler's story, "Mark IV," and Kate Black's story "The Dying Game" were nominated in the Fiction category and Black's essay, "Security Settings," was nominated in the Essay category at the 2017 Alberta Magazine Awards.

Cover illustration and story illustrations by Christian Frederiksen.