Fall 2015
Vol. 4 No. 3

Ma is the heartbeat before an important word. It’s the sterility of night, and the silence of God.
— Ruby Prinsen, "Coder 1"

Katherine Abbass finishes the recipe.
Gavin Doyle is more than a tub of ice cream.
Benjamin Hertwig examines the contents of stomachs.
Nisha Patel ties tepid and torrential thoughts.
Ruby Prinsen measures the heartbeat of a word.

Other writers featured in this issue include Samantha Gibbon, Curtis LeBlanc, Danielle Lorenz, Andrew Moore, Megan Paranich, Sophie Pinkoski, Gianmarco Visconti, and Lucas Warren.

Alumni Spotlight on:
Emma Hooper
offers publishing insights to budding novelists.

Katherine Abbass' story, "Gingersnaps," was nominated in the Fiction category and Benjamin Hertwig's poem, "the food habits of coyotes, as determined by examination of stomach contents," was nominated in the Poetry category at the 2016 Alberta Magazine Awards.

Cover illustration by Ekszod. Story illustrations by Jac Tran.