Fall 2014
Vol. 3 No. 3

Every morning I murder a thousand possible Bruces. I abort the possibility of their existences.
— Bruce Cinnamon, "Little Implosions"

Gavin Bradley watches the universe fold back.
Charlotte Cranston learns from fossils.
Josh Greschner wants more than a paragraph.
Andrew Moore has been bent and broken, but into a better shape.
Megan Paranich needs another full cup of coffee.

Other writers featured in the issue include Stephen Berendt, Levi F. Binnema, Sydney Budgeon, Erin Carter, Bruce Cinnamon, Stephen Gust, Nicole Harrish, and Brittney Marshall.

Alumni Spotlight on:
Mary Pinkoski, Edmonton's Poet Laureate, calls you to create.

Josh Greschner's nonfiction piece, "A Paragraph," won Silver in the Emerging Writer category and Andrew Moore's nonfiction piece, "On Living: A Second Draft," was nominated in the Emerging Writer category at the 2015 Alberta Magazine Awards.

Cover illustration by Glen Ronald.