Fall 2013
Vol. 2 No. 2

When medicine men go on spirit journeys, they appear inchoate, as if dead, but when their spirit is returning to their body, onlookers will say, ‘His shadow is darkening.’ When Thomas’ shadow wanes like this, he wonders if his spirit is leaving.
— Joe Gurba, "Thomas, His Christian Name"

Sydney Budgeon flirts in a foreign city.
Bruce Cinnamon explores a submerged room.
Nicole Harrish writes to her former self.
Erika Luckert compares flora and fauna.
Brooklyn Ritchie asks Titka a question.

Other writers featured in this issue include Laura Fayad, Joe Gurba, Tyler Hein, Heather Macklem, Deborah Ramkhelawan, and Charis St. Pierre.

Alumni Spotlight on:
Caitlynn Cummings, former Managing Editor of filling Station.

Joe Gurba's short story, "Thomas, His Christian Name," and Deborah Ramkhelawan's poem, "Coup," were both nominated for Alberta Magazine Awards in 2014.