Who can submit to the 2019 Glass Buffalo Writing Contests?
All residents of Canada can submit.

What do I get if I win?
The winning poem will be published in Glass Buffalo’s Fall 2019 issue, and the winner will receive a $500 cash prize from Glass Buffalo. The winning short story will be published in Glass Buffalo’s Fall 2019 issue, and the winner will receive a $500 cash prize from Priority Printing Ltd. Up to two runners-up will be selected in both categories and will be paid for publication at our regular rates.

I have a poem or story that has won other prizes and has already been published. Can I submit it?
We can only accept poems and stories that have not been previously published. A poem or story that has won a prize is eligible as long as it has not been published. We cannot accept poems or stories that are simultaneously submitted to Glass Buffalo or to other literary magazines.

Can I mail my submission?
No, we are currently only accepting submissions by email. Once you have paid your Entry Fee (available on the Contest page), you can email your submission to contest@glassbuffalo.com

Do I have to pay to submit?
Yes, there is a $30 entry fee with each submission.

What does my entry fee get me?
Every entry fee includes a one-year (three-issue) subscription to Glass Buffalo.

Do I have to pay more than once if I want to submit more than one poem or story?
We allow up to two (2) poems or one (1) story per entry fee. If you wish to submit more than two poems or more than one (1) story, you will have to pay the entry fee more than once. You can only enter either the fiction contest or the poetry contest with one entry fee.

What happens to my submission if I email it and forget to pay an entry fee?
We cannot consider your submission if you did not pay an entry fee.

Do I have to format my poem or story in a particular way? 
Yes, all of the submission guidelines can be found on the Contest page. Improperly formatted documents will not be considered.

Who holds the rights to my poem or story if I submit?
Glass Buffalo reserves first print rights for the winning poems and story. After publication, the author retains all rights to the poems and story. All other submissions retain their original rights with the author.