The 2015 Glass Buffalo Poetry Prize Shortlist

After receiving so many fantastic entries from young poets across Alberta, we're very excited to announce the shortlist for the first Glass Buffalo Poetry Prize!

An initial longlist of 10 poems were selected by members of the Writers' Guild of Alberta's Youth Council (including Akosua Adasi, Fran Kimmel, Nicole Liesner, Barbori Streibl, and Rena Traxel) and given to our contest judge Peter Midgley, senior editor (acquisitions) at the University of Alberta Press and the author of Counting Teeth: A Namibian Story

"As a judge, I was looking for poems that show a mastery, or at least proficiency, in the use of poetic devices—metaphor, rhythm, line breaks, structure of stanzas, the development of a motif or overarching idea," says Midgley. "Is there a consistency in the poem’s own internal logic? What is this logic and how is it maintained and developed in a way that is clear for the reader? Does the poem remain bound within its own world, or does it push the reader beyond the page and into a consideration of broader social and philosophical issues?"

Listed in alphabetical order, here are the three poets and their poems chosen by Midgley for our shortlist:

  • Benjamin Hertwig, "food habits of coyotes, as determined by examination of stomach contents"
  • Curtis LeBlanc, "Ordinary"
  • Gianmarco Visconti, "Augury"

The winner of the prize will be announced at our Fall 2015 issue launch on Monday, September 28, at Yellowhead Brewery and will receive a $500 cash prize sponsored by the Writers' Guild of Alberta. For more information on the event and to buy your tickets now, view our Eventbrite page.